Oversees the day-to-day operation of the on-site subcontractor medical facilities and staff. Implements and administers project medical services subcontracts and agreements in accordance with governmental, legal and professional laws and regulations.  Works independently to plan, develop, monitor and evaluate the health, hygiene and medical services for the project and its operating facilities, including multiple work camps and quarries for over 1,000 project staff.  Assists departments and subcontractors in health programs, monitoring health systems, collecting data, and implementing emergency response capabilities.  Administers facility medical activities in accordance with medical directives approved by a physician.


Manages the onsite health care service provided to employees and subcontractors.

Manages and oversees the evaluation and treatment of employees with injuries and/or illnesses and referral to a physician or hospital, and subsequent follow-up treatment.

Develops and monitors medical services subcontracts for projects or facilities (e.g., consulting physician, emergency response, emergency care providers, emergency evacuation providers, and subcontracts or technical service contracts (TSCs) relating to medical services).

Develops and maintains site specific minimum medical services procedures and protocols.

Ensures adequate staffing of project medical facilities.

Manages the healthcare and call service programs for expatriate personnel and authorized dependents.

Follows-up on emergency hospital cases keeping ES&H Manager, project management, and human resources apprised of the status of patients.

Manages the medical services subcontractor to maintain an adequate stock of necessary medical supplies, medications and equipment for proper on-site facility operation.

Manages the medical services subcontractor to adequately maintain confidential medical records in secure fireproof cabinets.

Attends daily planning meeting or other daily project work scope meetings to provide input on health risks associated with work to be performed.

Attends ES&H meetings pertinent to operation of on-site medical facilities to discuss site health trends and to make recommendations for changes to work habits and protective gear.

Develops and implements field first-aid training alongside the medical services subcontractor.

Prepares occupational health and hygiene communications for the project.

Manages project proposal preparation, mobilization, execution, startup and turnover of site medical services/facilities.

Develops, implements and monitors a substance abuse program at the project.

Determines appropriate level of professional licenses and certifications required to meet the level of competence as defined for project assignments.

Performs assessments to ensure compliance with required levels of competence.

Reviews and updates Project Medical Directives for approval by a physician.

Assists in planning emergency evacuation procedures in conjunction with contracts, project management, the customer and the Project’s approved emergency evacuation provider.

Implements project medical database to support the reporting and follow up of injuries/illnesses managed by the on-site medical staff.


Licensed as a Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Registered Nurse, or Senior Paramedic.

Extensive experience in remote Emergency/Trauma Room, Intensive Care or Coronary Care.

Knowledge and experience in travel health and immunizations.

Proficient in occupational nursing and the handling of emergency situations.

Knowledge of medical record keeping requirements in accordance with standards of professional nursing practice.

Knowledge of basic ES&H programs and measures for the prevention of illnesses and injuries.

Proficiency and experience in interpreting and evaluating regulatory safety standards where applicable to health regulations.

Experience in developing ES&H procedures for projects and facilities.

Knowledge of and experience with data management systems and computer hardware/software.

Previous experience working on remote construction projects with responsibility for supervision of medical professionals.

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